Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Existence Design Co., Ltd.
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Awards: 2014 Red Star Design Award, 2014 iF design award, 2014 reddot award
Client: Qinhetang International Co., Ltd
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Packaging Contents: Tea gift set
Packaging Materials: Cotton material, Paper, Cans

A baking art of tea inherited from four generations in one century, which smelling and tasting good with years.

“Qin Sheng Breeze series”, originated from an old master who has been in charge of baking ripe tea with unique longan charcoal in Qinhetang (沁和堂), and the concept is inspired from the scene of hard work with presentation of Qinhetang’s attitude of life behind the brand in its style of packaging, incorporated with both Oriental Tea art and Japanese Zen; the package uses black to create a visual atmosphere of carbon-like baking tea with unique printing on the can, showing a slightly three-dimensional grainy texture of hand feels, where the special silk screen effect makes the whole picture as if in the severe tea-making field at 60℃; the tea baked by heating longan consecutively remains calm and to be the signature style with timeless and unique charm. Qinhetang, with one century of history, creates the tea refreshing people’s mind, deserving more and more tastes and collection. Qinsheng Breeze Signature Gift Set wins design awards and the reported news in the media and the press sharply increases the recognition.