Castillo Laserna & Elatus Wine (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Rubén Ijalba Tobalina
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Materials: Aluminium, cork, glass

Bodegas Hermanos Fernández offer two varieties of wine.

A young and fresh wine called Castillo Laserna. Whose main image is the outline of a castle with a simple finish line type of wine it is. Performing a basic packaging, reminiscent of the structures of La Rioja family wineries. In which the client can form their own wine at home.

Then there is Elatus, a more refined and taste wine. With a careful design and attention to the qualities of the materials. The packaging designed for this range, is a “parrilla” (a kind of grill). Element used in traditional Rioja cuisine, especially in the preparation of “chuletillas asadas al sarmiento” (roasted lamb chops with vine shoots).

Past and future come together to provide a solid winery and distinctive image.

What’s Unique?
Research of the best materials on market. Mixing with typical cardboard packaging. The goal is flourish the tradition and passion of a culture and agriculture; the gastronomy of La Rioja.