Gọng Vó Infinity II

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Company: Gọng Vó
Creative Director: Linh Tran
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Packaging Contents: Notebooks
Packaging Materials: Paper

Gongvo is a Vietnamese notebook brand that provides traditional products. Gongvo gives you the vibe of Vietnam by our designs and the notebook’s forms.

For this project, one of our main objectives is to create an eye-catching packaging that helps to sell the product, and also promote Vietnam’s rich culture. Moreover, it’s a great way to give customers a professional impression on our packaging.

After one successful year of the original packaging “Gongvo Infinity”, we launched a new design, which was inspired by colors of architecture and fine art of Hue citadel (capital city of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945).

For the new launch, colors played a real crucial part. We used five colors on this packaging: red, blue, green, black and yellow. These ones represented the power of the Nguyen’s Emperors, and popular for imperial dress, architecture , and King’s mausoleums,…

To make them more attractive, we applied a special printing technique with brass color.