3 Beautiful Concepts for Egg Boxes (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designers: Christiane Wallner-Haas
Project Type: Student Project
School: Die Graphische BLVA
Course: Graphic Design
Tutor: Werner Gregori, Giovanni Corsaro
Location: Vienna, Austria
Packaging Contents: Eggs, Cupcakes
Packaging Materials: Eggpacks, Paper, carton

Packaging can be used for practical appliance areas but may also be utilized for other purposes than intended, for example as a design product or for an art object. The packaging can be used for specific applications depending on the design and shape of the product. In this case study three different packaging designs have been created based on the conventional 6-piece egg packaging:

– An egg packaging for a local business that produces organic, fresh eggs like „Martin’s Hof“ with focus on price-conscious, pragmatic consumers

– A modern and elegant packaging for three sorts of cupcakes with focus on aesthetic-oriented consumers

– A decorative typography light for art-collectors

What’s Unique?
The eggpack-design for the grocery store stands out with its unusual shape and the monochrome colour scheme which refers to the organic and eco-friendly producer. The unique benefit is the handle which gives the impression of personally taking home an egg basket directly from the farmer. Because of this benefit and its design and shape it sets itself apart from all the other ordinary egg boxes in the shelf. (Logo and Illustration Credits belong to Martin’s Hof.)

The cupcake-packaging is designed with illustrations of the three different tastes of the cakes in the carton. Despite the cheap packaging material a high quality product can be conveyed because of the modern and stylish design. Also the material doesn’t have to look unattractive just because it’s cheap. The created art object is intended to give the egg boxes a value and a decorative benefit. Together with a string of lights they were used to create typographic light and illuminate the room in a decorative way.