Nube (Cloud) Packaging

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Design Agency: Gran Comunicaciones
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Toilet Paper Nube
Location: Colombia
Packaging Contents: Toilet Paper
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Nube (cloud) is a new brand in Colombia from toilet paper for the people of low social level that is compiting at supermarket shelf with multinational and bigger brands that are in Colombia for many years. The brand don’t have big budget for a media plan and for that reason don’t have a space to communicate their brand idea: FUN.

As the brand agency, we convert the package in graphics vignettes that tells a story that happens betwen the clouds, making the package a way where people can have fun.

What’s Unique?
1. Use the packaging as a channel to tell stories , to entertain the consumer.
2. The graphic management in the category
3. Bring to life the logo differently in each package.
4. Every pack is a new story