Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: NDH Consulting
Creative Director: Nguyen Viet Nga (Bizin)
Art Direction: Le Quoc Linh ( Linh Lee)
Project manager: Le Quoc Linh ( Linh Lee) & Nguyen Phuong Lien ( Chloe)
Character Illustration: Ha Duong
Character development: Tuan Anh
Design: Le Quoc Linh ( Linh Lee)
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Pan Food
Location: Ha Noi, Vietnam
Packaging Contents: Gummy candy
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Packaging design for HURO Probiotics Gummy was a challenge not only to myself but also to the entire NDH Consulting team. The project was conducted throughout 6 months with many different stages: strategic planning, positioning, researching and also consulting for flavors, shapes, materials of the gummies… Joining the project in the position of Project Manager and with the responsibility for the main design, I considered myself lucky with many chances to learn how to connect, manage and corporate with not only freelancers but also account managers, clients in the development process to the final product, from ideas to finished products which now are sold in the market.

What’s Unique?
HURO Gummy are supplement product with probiotics that are first to appear in Vietnam market. The product helps to improve the digestive system of young children as well as adults. NDH Consulting has consulted and developed the brand image for HURO character which symbolizes probiotics gummies with a happy “big mouth” that can destroy indigestible foods . The combination of the character HURO and the boy expresses companion in daily activities, always have fun in discovering new things that parents do not have to worry about negative bacteria.

With exclusive probiotics technology from the United Kingdom and inspired by the colors of the British flag, we have considered to develop and combine the colors to bring a sense of confidence, scientific, energetic and contrast that differentiate HURO Gummy with other gummy brands currently on the market.