Agency: Butcher & Gundersen
Client: Kingfisher
Location: UK
Project Type: Commercial Work

Butcher & Gundersen create the brand identity for Kingfisher Beer’s new Peacock Cider
Kingfisher are building on their expertise of pairing refreshment with Asian foods, by introducing a new premium cider to fuse European consumers’ love for homegrown cider with their appetite for exotic Eastern flavours.

Created in collaboration with Aspall, Peacock Cider has been crafted to have an elegantly crisp apple taste, to perfectly balance the aromatic spices found in Asian food.

Butcher & Gundersen used the image of the Peacock to represent the proud, strong and elegant character of the brand. Inspired by the symmetrical decorative patterns found in different Asian cultures, a peacock pattern in gold foil radiates from the centre of the bottle. The vibrant palette evokes the colours of Asia and creates a distinct identity, in deliberate contrast to the yellows and greens so commonly used by other brands in the category.

“Our task was to create a strong, unique brand for Peacock Cider which captured the essence of Asian culture, establishing it as the perfect partner to Indian, Chinese or Thai foods. Whilst an apple-shaped ‘O’ in the word marque and addition of red to the bird’s head feathers introduced more familiar cider cues, the prominence of the iconic royal peacock, its vibrant turquoise colour and symmetrical design gave us a unique visual language that successfully differentiated it from other products, in an extremely competitive market.” – Zeffy Dougekou, Creative Director – Butcher & Gundersen

“Originally from South-East Asia and also the national bird of India, a Peacock provided the ideal vibrant icon for our new Asian-inspired cider brand. Once again, Butcher & Gundersen embraced the brief and provided a multitude of creative solutions that could represent our new brand. From both trade and consumer feedback, it is clear we have achieved a brilliant brand identity that fuses Asian inspiration and apple cider cues.” – Gemma Watkins, Senior Brand Manager – Kingfisher Beer Europe Ltd

Peacock Cider is being launched in restaurants and pubs across Europe, available in 500ml bottles supported by secondary packaging and POS.

What’s Unique
A new cider brand specifically to accompany asian foods. Packaging had to marry iconography from asian countries with more traditional UK cider cues.