HICKIES Lacing System Packaging Family

Derrick Lin


Designer: Mariana Gorn
Manufacturer: Outlook Group
Packaging Developer / Supply Chain Manager: Andres Marcos
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: United States
Packaging Contents: Accessories

HICKIES Laces are the next step in the evolution of footwear. They make any shoe look, fit, and feel better due to their unique modular design. Not only do they transform any shoe into a slip-on (no more tying!), their patented, adaptive material conforms to your foot’s shape and movement, making any shoe custom fit to you and super comfortable.

Established in 2012, the footwear startup struggled with multiple forms of packaging in an attempt to communicate the unique benefits of a product that was never before seen in the footwear space.

On its own, the product is not easily identifiable, an indicator that the previous one-size-fits-all forms of packaging were not optimal. By creating individual artwork for each colorway, the flexible pouch redesign provides product clarity and brings the usage context to the forefront. A visual hierarchy was also established to simplify the flow of information with a first time user in mind. Technical information moved to the back, and an accordion insert accompanies each pack with installation instructions and information about the brand.

As an added bonus, the updated design streamlined logistics at the supply chain level by reducing cost, volume, weight and lead times, while increasing durability by 500%.

What’s Unique?
With this design we had a number of constraints with sizing:
-The pouch had to fit the product
-The pouch had to fit in our existing Point of Purchase system
-The pouch had to be resealable, this increases the value perception and allows people to store their extras
-We discovered that flexible packaging is mostly used for food items and many machines would not accommodate our smaller, very precise size constraints

Outlook Group worked tirelessly with us down to the millimeter to ensure all of these challenges were solved. The finished design features a side-zip (with tear notch) which is not typically seen in pouch packaging and elevates the design. We wanted to be set apart from the rest.

Additionally, rotating the shoe graphics for over 15 SKUs was no easy feat! Managing a large amount of quantities and minimums was definitely a challenge in developing this product family as well.