Company: Bare Conductive
Project Type: Produced, Commercial WOrk
Location: London, United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Electrically Conductive Paint, Circuit Boards
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Card
Printing Process: Flexography

A Tool for Every Creative Mind: Bare Conductive’s New Packaging Makes Electrically Conductive Paint Accessible
Bare Conductive has recently redesigned its packaging for its electrically conductive paint and hardware prototyping products. These prototyping tools work together to create high resolution printable and paintable sensors. Their community of designers, engineers and artists use the Electric Paint and the Touch Board to build projects like interactive books, murals and installations, where touch triggers sound, light and movement.

The challenge of the project was maintaining an accessible, but technically credible look for its diverse customer base. Communication and packaging design were completed in-house alongside the engineers that design and build the products. The project focused on presenting the products in an honest and straightforward way that embraced the diversity of use that they see in their community. Community projects range from precise experiments to playful explorations and the packaging needed to reflect that.

Craft-like materials and a simple visual language highlighted the material properties of the company’s electrically conductive paint and the important features of their prototyping board. Because the customers who use the products have a broad range of expertise, the onboarding and startup process were given special attention. The inner cartons are printed with a straightforward and interactive guide to getting started.

What’s Unique?
The quality of the visual design and physical packaging mark Bare Conductive as unique within its market of makers and DIYers as is placing an emphasis on the entire product experience, from purchase to packaging to prototyping is setting them apart.