BOU: The Better For You Cube

Derrick Lin


Brand & Packaging Designer: Kane O’Flaherty
Photographer: Stefan Johnson
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: BOU
Location: London
Packaging Contents: Bouillon Cubes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Jar / Paper Wrap

BOU is a new brand that recently launched in the United States and their quest to create clean, convenient and flavorful food all starts with the timeless staple, bouillon (or to use it’s less fancy name, ‘stock’).

Commonly used in at-home cooking as a base for gravies, soups and stews, bouillon cubes have not seen true innovation for decades. BOU were set on bringing that innovation to the category by creating an aspirational brand that modern consumers could relate to.

Forget about dated food photography being heroed on packaging, BOU opted for a contemporary look by taking rein on illustration and developing a style that matched their brand philosophy. The authentic nature of the product is represented using linocut printing techniques & hand lettering that enhance the richness & warmness while making the brand more personal. Using a primary palette across the three flavours (Beef, Chicken and Vegetable) creates clear stand out on shelf and positions the brand as a bold choice.

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