La Freixeneda Real Wood Label



Designer: Bel Divi
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: La Freixeneda
Location: New York, USA
Packaging Contents: Red wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Real wood for the labels, glass for the bottle and cork
Printing Process: Flexography, 2 metallic inks

What’s better than real ash wood for a wine named La Freixeneda? (Freixeneda means ash wood forest in Catalan).

The uniqueness comes from the real wood adhesive label for the front & the back of the bottle. Mechanic placing, this is why it is as much thin as it’s possible. Size & wood vein direction are the clue for the adhesiveness. Only 2 metallics Pantone.

The request was a coherent design with the history, authenticity of the farmhouse & as well the wine. In consequence, branding and packaging looks to this origins and make a tribute to the materials. Without, of course, loosing its premium look & feel that deserves this product (50 euros a bottle).

A wine produced with such a carefully wine techniques than the label couldn’t be less. A small production of 8,000 bottles, handmade, different, with experimental & recovered techniques. A tribute to the origins of Freixenet.

What’s Unique?
– Real wood replace the paper on the labels to match the name of the wine.
– Metallic PMS over wood
– Adhesiveness on the wood
– Mechanical placing