Sacred Spirits Company’s English Whisky Liqueur

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Hart & Jones
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Sacred Spirits
Location: Bath, UK
Packaging Contents: English Whisky Liqueur
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass
Printing Process: Digital printing

Hart & Jones have developed the brand platform, brand identity and packaging for Sacred Spirits Company’s English Whisky Liqueur, launching in the UK, US and Europe this year.

Sacred are well known for their award winning, small batch, aromatic gins, vodkas and vermouths. Proud to distill and hand finish each element at their Highgate microdistillery, this pioneering London team set their sights on applying their skills to a Whisky liqueur and recruited design agency Hart & Jones to tell their story.

Simon Jones, co-founder of Hart & Jones, commented; “There are a wealth of individual messages around a brand as differentiated as Sacred’s whisky: its Highgate provenance the eccentricity of the people behind it, all combined with the curious botanicals and production methods. However we didn’t want yet another over-complicated ‘storytelling’ brand but an iconic presence that hints at all the mysteries without spelling them out.”

Sacred have a strong presence in the top tier on trade and so standout at back of bar was vital. Hart & Jones crafted an iconic butterfly that displays across two bottles to symbolize the unique brand components.

Sacred’s English Whisky Liqueur is first aged in bourbon casks and finished by hand in Spanish PX sherry casks by Ian Hart at the Sacred Microdistillery in London’s Highgate.

“From the moment we saw Ian’s still, we knew we had to seize the eccentricity, craft and enthusiasm it provoked” says Chris Hart, creative partner but no relation to Sacred’s owner. “Our team have created a visually arresting pack which is both curious and beautiful, capturing the intricacies of this exceptional product and is perfect for Sacred’s premium positioning”

“There are exciting opportunities for whisky at present” believes Ian Hart, “we expect to see trends such as no age statements, flavoured whiskies and unique origins, gaining momentum in 2017, and with the first London bottled English Whisky Liqueur we hope we are leading the way into undiscovered territory.”

Sacred’s co-founder, Hilary Whitney, adds “Hart & Jones immediately impressed me with how quickly they got to the heart of our concept and then subsequently translated this into a compelling brand identity and iconic pack design”.

Sacred’s English Whisky Liqueur, the first of three whiskies by Sacred, officially launches Autumn 2017 and will be exclusively available at specially selected outlets from May 2017.

Hart & Jones are a branding and packaging design agency, who encode design with messages and images that resonate.

What’s Unique?
What makes it special. Label application across 2 faces of the bottle. So can be ‘faced’ on the bar at 45 degrees or 2 can be presented together to form the beautiful butterfly.