Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Flourish Studios
Client: whey’d | Kickstarter link
Location: UK, London
Project Type: Commercial Work
Packaging Contents: Whey protein powder
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Silver foil with matte white finish

Adam French, founder of whey’d, is currently launching his new business, whey’d protein sachets, to help other busy gym-goers & exercise nuts supplement their lifestyles.

He is looking to shake up the sports supplement industry to compete with the giant corporate brands that offer sub-standard, confusing & misleading products.

whey’d protein is higher quality, more convenient and much simpler to understand than what’s available today. The sports nutrition industry is no longer just aimed at bodybuilders – it’s now seeing a big rise for anyone exercising regularly but this market is scared off by the muscle clad men on the front pages of the big competitor brands.

Sleek, simple design
The whey’d sachets are simplistic to ensure they’re easier to understand in a world of complex protein products but also gender neutral as we don’t want to purely target one audience (i.e. other brands just targeting bodybuilders!). We’ve tested and developed the optimum shape and sachet type for ease-of-use, so no more whey powder everywhere!

Designed for busy folks
whey’d was purposefully designed to enable easier access to whey protein on the go so you never have to carry around tubs or bags of protein or substitute powder for higher sugar shakes and bars available in gyms and shops.

Ethically sourced to give something back
Our whey’d protein is sourced from hormone free, grass-fed cows that graze on pasture for longer than any other cows in the world! This results in a richer quality product that’s better for you. We’re also working with charities to provide a child in poverty a school meal for every 3 sachets sold as it’s really important to us that we can give something back.