Fish ‘n’ Dips – Sauces and Dips (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Michael Fischer
Designer: Michael Fischer
Project Type: Student Project
School: Cork Institute of Technology
Course: Packaging Design
Tutor: Steven Young/Maureen Roe
Location: Cork, Ireland
Packaging Contents: Sauces and Dips for Seafood
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Jars
Printing Process: Digital Printing

During my Erasmus exchange I created packages for my self-invented restaurant-brand “Fish ‘n’ Dips” at the Cork Institute of Technology. Since the restaurant focuses on seafood in combination with homemade sauces, it also sells some of the dips and sauces to its customers.

The sauces: Wild Herbs, Lemon Cream, Garlic Butter

The dips: Parsley Tartar, Honey Mustard, Mint Jelly

The challenge was to convey the Irish maritime atmosphere and to position the products as something unique.

For the sauces I used a rather slim and tall glass jar with a wide opening which is more convenient for getting the content out. The dips are contained in smaller version of the same jar. Apart from that, I “color-coded” the sauces and the dips with landscape images of the rough Irish coastline and added a fish-shaped lug that also acts as a quality seal. So the jars grab your attention and it’s clear that they are intended for seafood. Apart from that, the labels are reduced to a minimum size in order to show the product itself. This should make you want dipping your fish into the delicious sauces immediately.