Derrick Lin


Co-Founder & Creative Director: Kane O’Flaherty
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: PiCCOLO
Location: London
Packaging Contents: Baby Food

Piccolo, the UK’s fastest growing baby food company, has recently launched its new Piccolo Pure range. The fruit puree collection comprises of four different recipes: Pure Mango, Pure Banana, Pure Stanley Plum, and Pure Williams Pear.

Piccolo Pure is an exciting addition to the existing range of 100% organic pouches. Inspired by the Mediterranean approach to health and wellbeing, products are centred around fresh ingredients that have been lovingly prepared and shared with friends and family. The exciting new range was specially created for those important first tastes.

The Piccolo Pure range is presented in clear packaging, a UK first in the baby food market. Co-founder and creative Director Kane O’Flaherty adds “We like being market leaders in every aspect of our business. We launched with matte pouches in March 2016 which was not a common material used within the baby food category and now we have launched with transparent pouches, also with a matte finish”.

The transparent material of the pouch further emphasises the brands transparency on their ingredient sourcing and provenance while heightening the premium nature of the product offering. “Pure is something unmixed, wholesome, transparent, perfectly clear. We wanted these descriptors to be reflected in the packaging by showcasing the puree itself. There is nothing more pure than a single blend in a transparent pouch”. Transparency allows consumers to understand the product better by giving them added confidence in knowing what they are buying by seeing it.

Kane concludes “The pure range are 100% single blends of one ingredient which is something we wanted to extend as an experience for the consumer. Apart from creating our sub brand “pure” we also wanted to give the range its own unique identity that lends itself to the concept of the core nature of the product”

What’s Unique?
Piccolo pure is the first baby food brand in the UK to have clear, matte pouch packaging