Albertina Reserve

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Diego Ballester
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Wine
Location: Argentina

It is a new adventure of an author’s wine, of the great winemaker Rolando Luppino. This wine represents the “magic” of a genuinely exclusive process, with the experience and wisdom required to make a complex and harmonious assemblage of high quality red grapes.

Redesign of packaging of the “Albertina Reserve” line and complete packaging design for the “Albertina Blend de Blends” line, the art of making blends.

The packaging transmit a mix, a “BLEND” of traditional “vintage” style and modern “minimalist” style, both the packaging and the wines have the imprint of all that experience, elegance, care and obsession with quality but brought to the present.

Blend of generations, Rolando and his son Mauricio Luppino.