7 Flavours. 7 Artists – PROPERCORN Redesign

Derrick Lin


Head Creative: Becky Akers (PROPERCORN)
Illustrators: Kelly Anna, Tom Abbiss Smith, Elena Boils, Nathan Joyce, Billy Clark, Pietari Posti, Kim Sielbeck
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: London
Packaging Contents: Popcorn
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Rotogravure

Colourful popcorn maker, PROPERCORN, has unveiled a bold new aesthetic across its award-winning collection. The brand’s in-house creative team commissioned seven illustrators from around the globe to create unique favour worlds which could live both on and off the pack. Retaining its bright colour palette, the refresh was focussed on adding distinct personality to each favour profile through different illustrative styles.

Since launching in 2011, PROPERCORN has seen three evolutions of its logo and pack design. For its latest redesign, the team has moved away from fantastical, black and white landscapes, seeking colourful inspiration from hand-picked, local and international design talent.

PROPERCORN’s Head Creative, Becky Akers, explained: “Our varied portfolio of favours really sets us apart, but these individual taste profiles needed more personality injecting on pack. We’ve turned to some of our favourite illustrators to help each favour come alive with its own playful aesthetic. Textural peanut hills, vanilla pod boats and sun-drenched chilli trees – every pack has a bespoke approach, deserving the same craft and attention that we pour into making the recipes in the first place.” As well as updating the on-pack illustrations, PROPERCORN has revealed a refreshed logo and cleaner, sans serif typeface for the favour names. The popcorn pattern and colour palette have been retained as brand signifiers, with kernel size increased and Pantones brightened to create a more confident aesthetic.

Co-founder, Cassandra Stavrou, explained: “We’ve come a long way since I sketched our first packs on the back of an envelope eight years ago but have been unwavering in our belief that to thrive, businesses need to put creativity at the heart. For PROPERCORN, there’s no better place to showcase and celebrate creativity than on our packs. I’m hugely excited that we’re able to give a platform to all this incredible, upcoming talent and can’t wait to see their names taking pride of place on pack.”

The new designs will extend across PROPERCORN’s single, sharing and multi- packs from April, with each format showcasing a different snapshot from the illustrative favour worlds. The landscapes will also be brought to life through digital and above the line, celebrating taste, flavour and the personality behind each pack.

What’s Unique?
Taste and creativity have always been at the heart of PROPERCORN. And our new packs are now a real celebration of this, showcasing the work of incredible creative talent from around the world.

Every flavour in our collection is unique. To bring this to life, we worked with a different artist on each flavour, creating illustrative worlds inspired by our recipes and their distinct styles and stories. You’ll see everything from playful peanut hills influenced by comics and cartoons, to tropical landscapes inspired by a childhood in Hawaii. A really unique feature is the flavour worlds that extend beyond the pack – it was very important to us that the artists didn’t feel constricted by the space on the front of the pack but that they let their imagination run wild in creating these much larger illustrative flavour worlds. It adds real depth and excitement to the designs..

More than anything, we’re hugely excited to be able to breathe new life into our packaging whilst creating a platform for all this creative talent. Every pack now proudly features each artist’s name on the back.