Memphis Marbles

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Sofía Carrington
Project Type: Student Project
School: Universidad de Monterrey
Course: Materiales y formas
Tutor: Mori Franco
Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Packaging Contents: Marbles
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood, acetate, adhesive paper
Printing Process: Digital printing, hand painting

The main purpose of the project was experimenting new materials such as wood, concrete, cloth, etc. I decided to choose wood because I like to work with it and it is easy to paint, cut and manipulate with special machines that my university offers to us as students. These marbles are meant to play (for children older than 3 years), the main purpose of making the packaging so attractive and colorful was to use it as room decor for them. The concept was named after an 80s movement called “Memphis” which is an italian design collaborative group named after a Bob Dylan song, they got most of their inspiration from art deco and pop art.