Derrick Lin


Design: MAS Brand being
Packaging Designer: Sandra Wiggers
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Heartland
Location: The Netherlands
Packaging Contents: Liquid water enhancers
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Heartland is a global leader in terms of producing “liquid water enhancers” and “zero calorie sweetener” aimed at retail. In the past year, we have taken on a new concept together. Dutch research has shown that employees don’t drink enough water. 10% doesn’t drink any water at all. Water needed a boost, so Heartland developed four flavours; each for a recognizable office moment. All products are made with real fruit juice and don’t have any added sugars, so they have few calories. Responsible and very tasty.

We determined the best “break” office moments, developed a flavour to match, and had it tested by the consumer. This is how we came up with the following flavours: Cucumber Refresh (refresh, relax and recharge), Grapefruit Spark (you only need a spark to start), Citrus Boost (your fine attracts your tribe) and Red Fruits Delight (I’ve got the sunshine in my pocket). The bottles are meant for the water cooler, to make it easy for employees to grab some water. We gave the GoSplash brand an upgrade to enhance the image and make it look mature.

We want to create healthier & happier people at the office by making water taste better, much better!

With the packaging, we embraced the “natural water flavour” concept “Natural ingredients, fresh & fruity”. To accentuate the brand name even more, we dropped the fruit in the water with a splash. The colourful brand embraces the water and adds flavour to it. They’ve turned out as four fresh looking packages. At the moment, a test is running at 50 offices in The Netherlands and England.