Evpatoria Classic Winery

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Derrick Lin


Design: Daniil Gamalia
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Evpatoria Classic Winery
Location: Evpatoria, Crimea
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

Evpatoria is an ancient city on a coast of Black Sea in the Western part of Crimea. It is one of the oldest wine making areas on the peninsular. The story of winemaking in the city began with a Greek winery in 4th century BC.

Brand has a big history and is tightly connected with traditions. Evpatoria Winery was established in 1928. Today Evpatoria Classic Winery is a powerful holding continuously listed in the Top 3 best Crimean winemakers. TM EVPATORIA is a brand created on the bounty of the Crimean nature. The combination of steppe and marine climates creates a unique terrain which is perfect for growing grapevines. Grapes are wormed up by 2430 sunshine hours per year and are infused by aromas of sea breeze and floral heat of the steppe.

“The nature of Evpatorian Steppe is stunning in its variety and beauty. The land covered with the scents of steppe herbs plays a big role in the versatility of our wines. Our wine is an ode to the glow of a sun, whispers of steppe herbs and the wave of The Black Sea.”

The logo depicts an age-old history of Evpatorian lands. The colonnade of a Karaim temple of Evpatoria is used as a base of a logo. These columns is an embodiment of ancient Greek rotundas and remind the colonnade of a central Evpatoria City quay which is a symbol of the city.

I represented beautiful Crimean nature on the label to reflect the soul of the Evpatoria wine. Wave shape of a label and herbs pictures tell us a story of wine birth in the wonderful sunny part of Crimea. To create contemporary but classic look I combined typical elements with unusual ones. Golden hot foil logo and engraving style illustrations give the label classic feel. At the same time wave shape die-cut and use of voluminous varnish helps to make label unique and stand out on a shop shelf.

What’s Unique?
The label reflects the nature of the Evpatoria region. The product line consists of 9 wines. Each label contains a certain engraving style picture of Crimean herbs. The label shape reminds waves of a warmth The Black Sea. These elements help to create a modern look which represents history of a winery, beautiful Crimean nature and a classic feel of the brand.