Design: Litmus Branding
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Flowerom
Location: Ahmedabad, India
Packaging Contents: Air Freshener
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tin
Printing Process: Paper Printing

Package design for Air Freshener product range of Flowerom, an Ahmedabad based cooperative involved in manufacturing home fragrance products.

The design encapsulates the significance of the type of fragrance the respective air freshener offers. For example, The ‘Black Jean’ air freshener has been strategically given the box pattern; the ‘gardenia’ fresher has been given the floral pattern. The design has been thus customized based on the product specificity. Also, the colours were chosen on the same lines, blue being taken for Aquatic fragrance, Red chosen for Rose fragrance, so on and so forth.

Since during the logo design we gave a specific floral curl in the word ‘o’ in the brand’s word mark logo, we kept the similar floral curl while designing the product center where the product fragrance name is mentioned. The ‘o’ has been placed on the top, followed by the fragrance name, and the product type. The entire outline follows the similar floral curl.

What’s Unique?
Strategic use of loud and fluorescent color palette. Though, we have played around with colours while designing the patterns for each package; what we kept consistent is the use of neon colours for the product specification. In the center of the package, where the name is mentioned we have used one specific neon colour which is a complete contrast to the rest of the package design colour. Making it an attention-grabbing element which should come into focus right away, we have kept it neon. Thus, the customer can immediately read through which air freshener he/she is picking up.