Breesal – Magical transformation



Agency: UPRISE
Illustrator: Polina Tikhonenko
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: UPECO
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Home fragrance
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Branding agency UPRISE created the design of the packaging for interior fragrances of the Breesal brand.

The products of Breesal are made for women who live in large cities, where the rhythm of life is quite stressful, who often do not have enough time for themselves, for their relaxation, creation of comfort at home. Sometimes there is a lack of warmth of simple human relationships and bright emotions. There is an urge for quick changes for the better – “as if by magic”, a desire to break out of the surrounding reality for a while and emotionally relax.

As everyone knows, all women have something magical: as if by magic, they create beauty and comfort in their homes, filling the space around them with light and happiness. Such a good magician on the packaging of Breesal is a Fairy who is the spirit of nature, the soul of a flower, who perfectly symbolizes the natural beginning and the “magical” effect of all Breesal products. Flower Fairies are illustrations of artists of UPRISE, created specifically as part of their work on this project. Luxurious and elegant fairies help to represent the whole palette of soft, sensual and deep fragrances based on natural essential oils. Moreover, the Fairy as the main character on the packaging helps the brand to stand out on the shelf, be unique compared to the competitors and be emotionally closer to consumers.

The new design of Breesal is made in watercolor style. It is elusive, elegant and gentle as a light breeze that brings the smell of flowers, juicy berries and fresh leaves. It harmonically and delicately conveys the luxurious aromas of Breesal, allowing the product to stand out on the shelf.