Derrick Lin


Design: Ricky Covarrubias
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Texas at El Paso
Course: Packaging
Tutor: Antonio Castro
Location: El Paso Texas, USA
Packaging Contents: Collection of three meats , cheese, restaurant ware, menu, gift cards and envelope, to go box and bag
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, butcher paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Good Belly Deli is a fictional restaurant located in the El Paso Central Market inside the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad and Freight Depot. This industrial and rustic space specializes in the art of charcuterie, offering handcrafted sandwiches and curated retail goods. To achieve a full branding experience, this project involved the creation of an identity mark, three-dimensional packaging, and collateral items. Items include a collection of three cured meats, sandwich wrappers, a to-go box and bag, gift cards with their envelope, a menu, restaurant ware, and promotional posters.

What’s Unique?
The thought of functionality came first before anything in all these items. Cohesiveness exists even in the shapes of items such as the unique curves of the collection of meats to the handles of the to go bag. To also the way the to go box opens and locks at an opening point to allow the user to grab items in a comfortable way and easily be able to open and close the box. The sides of the box also resemble the architecture of the building this restaurant is located in and the tunnel in which a train enters.