Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: MW Luxury Packaging
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Love and Paint
Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Art Kit
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, paper

What makes a gift romantic: the price, the quality, or simply the thought behind it? For the founder of Love and Paint, the artist Alexander Esguerra, romantic gifts are all about creating romantic experiences. Esguerra’s unique paintings are created by various anonymous couples, who enjoy a sexual encounter on the canvas, spreading the paint in abstract patterns as they move across the surface.

Inspired by his passion project, Esguerra went on to create the Love and Paint Kit, which lets you make your own unique record of an intimate experience. We’re pleased to announce that a limited edition version of the kit, Love and Paint Privé, comes housed in packaging manufactured by MW Luxury.

The container for this special gift is a rigid board cylinder, which has been cut in half. The two halves are unhinged but cleverly held shut with a belly band and hidden magnets. Wrapping the pack is black, core-dyed, wood-free paper and a central band in a soft shade of lavender that details the contents of the pack – as we’ll go on to explain, this is just one of two exteriors.

Open the cylinder and the luxury components of the kit are revealed: a hand-dyed black cotton canvas, plastic tarpaulin, organic body paints, slippers, a candle and souvenir matchbox, and a hard cover booklet. The cotton canvas lies in one side of the cylinder, held in place with black straps; in the other half is an EVA inner fitment coated in soft black nylon. Here, the kit’s various accessories are held in carefully sized recesses, with excess space around each item to enable easy removal.

The most astonishing feature of this pack is its ingenious Jacob’s Ladder-inspired build, which enables the user to transform the exterior of the pack with one simple movement. Once all the items have been removed you can push the two halves back on themselves. The halves will disconnect along the centre line, and as you roll them back to meet in the middle on the opposite side, a second exterior will be revealed. The two halves will then snap together to form a cylinder once again.

This additional exterior is an exquisite nod to the kinds of artworks that can be created with this kit. A black background has been spattered with white, lavender and gold paint (the three shades included in the kit) in a pleasingly abstract pattern. In the centre is a black band, replacing the original lavender band, detailing the contents of the pack in gold text.

In short: this is an incredibly special pack, and one that the MW Luxury team was delighted to work on.