Villa Bellezza Winery



Design: Cue
Designer: Katelyn Reynolds
Creative Director: Alan Colvin
Photographer: Kevin Kramer
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Villa Bellezza Winery
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Paper Labels, Aluminum Closure
Printing Process: Digital

Stunning river bluffs, sparkling Lake Pepin views and surrounding natural beauty give name to this unique Wisconsin destination. Inspired by centuries old villas of Southern Europe Villa Bellezza is home to a winery, tasting room, restaurant and more, surrounding a piazza created to enjoy good food, award-winning wine and a little bit of “la dolce vita.”

Visitors to the winery range from wine aficionados to casual wine drinkers, couples to groups, all who come to enjoy genuine hospitality and award-winning wines. Cue was tasked with creating a unique labeling system to accommodate a portfolio of more than 30 wines across three tiers, each embodying the beauty of the wine and destination. The solution unifies a wide spectrum of wines and makes each bottle a lovely reminder of the destination’s experience.

The label system uses a stable of elements to manage three tiers of wine, as well as varietals from dry to sweet. Typography grounds the labeling system, and features the individual wine varietal. Value wines use bold color and patterns, making these wines the most friendly and approachable. Signature wines are a bit more premium feeling, using patterns that incorporate a metallic finish. Most of the winery’s offerings fall into this category. Patterns work to separate the many options while color helps to denote sweeter or dryer wines. Premium tier wines include reserve, sparkling and dessert wines, and special vintage ice wine on occasion. And, as “simplicity is the epitome of sophistication,” these each use more restraint in the way patterns and colors are applied.