Lydia Honey

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Derrick Lin


Design: Bill Pappas
Project Type: Concept
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jar
Printing Process: Screen print

Lydia is a blossom raw honey from wild herbs and flowers, it has a delicious aroma that is more delicate than other honeys. The characteristics of this unique kind of honey, its golden color, its soft aroma and its delicate taste are due to the rich flora of the Greek nature and the biodiversity of the Greek mountains. We consider raw honey to be a gift to us from bees. We are pleased to share this gift with you!

In the forests of Central Greece, there is a rich variety of pine, eucalyptus, oak and chestnut trees, where indigenous bushes, aromatic herbs and wild flowers grow naturally in their shadows. Bees are transferred to carefully selected regions, in order to collect the nectar of thousands different wild flowers and aromatic herbs, such as savory, thyme, oregano, sage, daises, roses and produce this premium quality honey, which collects all the unique scents and aromas of the forest. This rich floral diversity composes its complex character and its strong antioxidant properties distinguish it for its high nutritional value.