Old Pulteney Huddart

Derrick Lin


Label Manufacturer: Royston Labels
Project Type: Produced
Client: Old Pulteney Huddart
Location: UK
Packaging Contents: Single malt Scotch Whisky
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, paper

Our Pantec Rhino hot foil and embossing flatbed unit came in handy with this chic label for Old Pulteney.

Last year the prestigious whisky distillery Old Pulteney, which first opened its doors in 1826, released an exciting new single malt: Huddart. Named for the street on which the distillery is located (in Wick, Scotland), Huddart is a celebration of its birthplace notable for its distinct smoky quality.

We’re pleased to announce that this special whisky comes wrapped in elegant Royston labelling. We began the process by selecting a durable material with a fantastic finish: ultra wet-strength Manter Cotone Bianco, a cotton paper with a textured surface that offers excellent moisture resistance.

The next step was to apply grey flexo mix to the material for the base label, using two hits to achieve the coverage and density necessary for a textured surface. The text was printed in black flexo, after which a water-based primer was applied to make the surface more receptive to foil embellishments. The copper foiling itself was applied on our Pantec Rhino hot foil flatbed unit.

Further detailing was added in the form of embossing around the label border, the base label and the word “Huddart” – this was achieved using the embossing tool on our Pantec Rhino flatbed unit.

The finishing touches are a matt blockable varnish across the entire label, and some tactile gloss detailing over the words “Old Pulteney” to a height of 75 microns. It’s a small, subtle detail that adds an appealing level of depth and texture.