Agency: Cast Iron Design
Illustrator: Dan Lehman
Project Type: Produced
Client: The Flower Collective
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Packaging Contents: Cannabis
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Folding Board
Printing Process: Flexography

The Flower Collective is a cannabis company based in the small mountain town of Nederland, Colorado. After transitioning from medical to recreational cannabis, they tasked us with creating branding and packaging that would help them stand out on the shelf and reflect their company’s sustainable values.

Along with the carbon footprint of the materials used in a package, weight is one of the most important considerations when designing sustainable packaging. For premium products, a rigid box (think iPhone packaging) is the de facto substrate choice. Rigid boxes are problematic as they add a substantial amount of weight. For The Flower Collective, we worked creatively with a folding carton (think Advil packaging) to give the premium feel of a rigid box without the added weight.

For the adhesive closure label, we used a facestock composed of 100% postconsumer recycled fibers. For the label’s release liner (the coated paper that protects the adhesive, which is almost always not recyclable and therefore destined for the landfill) we specified a recyclable release liner made of unbleached kraft paper.