Good Good Mexican Grill

Derrick Lin


Agency: Brandon Archibald
Creative Directors: Boris Alexandrov & Anna Alexandrova
Graphic Designers: Aleksander Osipenko, Elena Parhisenko, Server Terlekchi, Anton Storozhev, Aleksandra Gerasymenko
Illustrator: Alexander Osipenko
Copywriter: Dimitry Panasiuk
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Client: Good Good Mexican Grill
Product Launch Location: China
Packaging Contents: Mexican Food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard boxes
Printing Process: Digital printing

Mexican fast-food casual restaurant in Chengdu, China. The restaurant positions itself as one of the first Tex-Mex grill restaurants in China.

The client’s request was to refresh an existing logo and to create a strong corporate design in general. For us, Ukrainians, it was a real gonzo-trip straight to two different worlds. We’ve been so immersed in the Sino-Mexican reality that we still cannot get out of it — it is too fun!

Mexican food in China is a rarity. Good Mexican food in China is a very rare thing. Good Good restaurant is an ambassador of Mexican food culture in the whole Sichuan province. We picked four characters that are usual for Chinese cuisine and showed them in a completely new multicultural way. We build the corporate style of their bright personalities and communication between them.