Design: Dotorg branding & digital
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Helmetex
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Odor eliminator
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Offset printing

Helmetex is a breakthrough anti-odor agent. This is a start-up, established by a single person, Pavel Agaev. He started his own business because of one unexpected thing. It was the unpleasant smell in his motorcycle helmet. Motorcycle sport is Pavel’s hobby, and during one of trips his motorcycle helmet began to smell unpleasantly. Special means showed zero effect, the smell was not cut out, but only temporarily masked by a more pleasant aroma.

Pavel decided to create a product that eliminates a malodor totally on his own. He quitted his previous work, hired specialists in Chemistry and, together with them, developed the first odor neutralizer. Final result exceeded expectations. The found formula helped not only to remove the smell and return a natural aroma to things but also worked several times longer than the creators planned. Next phase was to bring a new product to the market.

During the market research, it was revealed that the target audience of Helmetex is, well …everybody! Motorcyclists, athletes, military personnel, housewives, pet owners and all who are bothered by the unpleasant smell of shoes. There were conducted a series of in-depth interviews that helped to identify people’s attitudes towards the issue of malodor and struggle with it.

The foul smell of shoes is the most common problem. It causes self-doubt, communicating problems and a disappointment feeling. Sometimes situation comes to extremes. A person may refuse to go to a party or date due to the foul odor of his shoes.

Market analysis has highlighted a paradoxical situation for Helmetex. There are many types of substitute products offered. The market is oversaturated with an offer that confuses the consumer. However, there is no remedy, that eliminates the odor’s causes. Except Helmetex.

Helmetex is a professional product developed by scientists. The essence of the brand is the scientific approach to making things clean. The brand metaphor is “Laboratory of cleanness”.

Corporate identity became a logical continuation of found metaphor. Design delivers the position of an expert and scientist. The main color is white, a symbol of cleanliness and sterility.

Helmetex line of products includes six items: Shoes, Home, Pets, Sport, Pro and Army. Six is ​​the optimal amount for a new product entering the market and gaining consumer confidence.

The Helmetex logo is an image of a hexagonal molecule. The universal structure made it possible to encrypt analogies for each item in the line. For Helmetex Pets it is a bow for playing with a cat. For Helmetex Shoes it is a lacing. For Helmetex Army it is a tank.

White, strict bottles and neat placement of information on the label create the feeling of a laboratory product, a flask with a chemical substance.

Packaging of two series – Army (for military equipment) and Pro (motorcycle helmets and hard hats) – is designed in black. They are reserved for the employees of law enforcement agencies, builders, hunters, adherents of extreme sports. Laconic black color symbolizes the professionalism of the target audience.

Helmetex is actively conquering the market. It is gaining popularity among various groups of customers. The product is being sold in online stores, sports and special equipment shops, moto and auto showrooms. The current aim of the company is to establish cooperation with large retail store networks and enter the international market.

What’s Unique?
Dynamic and variable identity who uses the metahpor of molecule and scientific approach