Magic Forest

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Agency: Magic Mirror Design
Designer: Esther Rodriguez Poblador
Photographer: Juanjo Goterris
Location: Spain
Project Type: Self Promotional Hand Crafted produced
Client: Magic Mirror Design
Packaging Contents: Red Wine (Bobal)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper, natural tree leaves, natural watercolor ink
Printing Process: Hand Crafted

This is a super limited edition of 24 bottles of wine with a packaging specially handcrafted, made as an auto-promotion Christmas gift for my clients among the wine and spirits market. It is a demonstration of creativity and skills and communicates some of the studio values, such as commitment and custom service, authenticity, etc.

This red wine is intended to inspire winter and Christmas as a time of peace, beauty, and magic.

There is some inspiration from the classical Christmas fairy tales, such as “The Nutcracker”.

On the other hand, the design tells a story, free of interpretation, but made intentionally to reflect the essence of the studio.

All the packaging is handmade using several papers for the label, and directly painted with ink and watercolor, the leaves are collected from the forest, and there are several corporate elements of the studio.

The design is attractive and original, full of details to look at. And its a demonstration of skills and creativity appreciable for the marketing managers who will receive this Christmas gift. Plus the adding value of being an exclusive and unique packaging, because any of them are exactly equal.

What’s Unique?

  • The strategy of sending a handmade design to the proper kind of managers who would appreciate the work: marketing managers, product managers…
  • It took a lot of work and effort to accomplish this project, from the first ideas to the implementation of the 24 bottles. It’s beautiful, personal and full of meanings.
  • It shows a corporate brand storytelling.
  • It makes a difference against other designers or agencies. An original presentation card and a good exclusive gift to keep the current clients.
  • In all ways is “a message in a bottle”.