Molochny Gorodok



Agency: Proektmarketing +1
Producer: Alexandr Osadchy
Executive Producer: Natalia Myreeva
Art Director: Maxim Kuldoshin
Senior Designer: Maria Krylova
Designer: Lisa Gruzdeva
Designer: Ksenia Prokhoda
Type Designer: Ksenia Belobrova
Photographer: Semyon Alekseev
Visualization: Evgeny Uskov
Copywriter: Igor Gavrishin
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: СJSC Nazarovskoe
Packaging Contents: Dairy Products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard And Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography
Product Launch Location: Russia

The dairy plant СJSC Nazarovskoe daily produces up to 100 tons of products, which are sold under the brand “Molochny Gorodok”. The brand’s visual communications are obsolete and need to be updated.

The old logo looked like an address plate, where the street name is the brand, and the house number – the percentage of product fat content. This idea is interesting, but not suitable for the modern customer, who needs to make the quick choice of the right product among others on the supermarket shelf. The information on the old package was difficult to read and was lost among other graphic elements.

We have changed the overall form of the logo, preserving its main idea. The brand name was written in two lines, which made it easier to read. For the parent company, we have developed a separate logo that is easy to mark the package of the company’s sub-brands – “Nazarovskoe 1932”. We have placed it on the front of the package, now it is perceived separately and does not attract extra attention. The brand name is easier to read, and the logo has become more complete and expressive.

We wanted to give the package a light, clean and modern mood, so we decided not to use the character image and chose a more abstract design. We reflected the naturalness of the product through the brand pattern. In it, you can find the natural color of cows or accidentally spilled milk. Each product line has its own color, which facilitates the visual perception of the brand.

During the project, we developed a package design for 25 products of “Molochny Gorodok”: from sour cream to milk. A single-color design was applied on small packages.

What’s Unique?
The plant produces dairy products from natural milk of its own cows. On the side of the package, we have placed a story in pictures to trace the way of milk from a cow to a glass. A series of illustrations clearly demonstrate the origin and naturalness of the product.

The design was developed by taking into account the placement of products in the supermarket window. Spots on neighboring packages match forming a single pattern.