Aviva – Prenatal kit for rural areas

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Design: Kshitija Whaval
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Tutor: Rajendra Thakrey
Packaging Contents: Prenatal pills / tablets
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glossy Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

In rural areas, accessibility to healthcare is a major issue and so is the lack of awareness. UNICEF estimates that 800 women die of pregnancy-related causes every day. Despite a decline in maternal mortality rates over the past few years, about a quarter of those is Indian women. To capture and examine the complex nature of the issues that are important during the ANC period, within the context of health systems and the continuum of care. The focus of this guideline provided in packaging will be the essential core package of ANC that all pregnant women and adolescent girls should receive, with the flexibility to employ a variety of options based on the context of not only different villages in India but also outside the country.

This gave me the idea to study the needs of pregnant women in rural areas.

What problem will my packaging solve?

  1. Self Learning methods during pregnancy in regional language (for this packaging I have used Hindi & Marathi).
  2. Advice on when to visit doctors.
  3. All medicines in one place rather than handling different strips with the prescription list to know when to take which medicine
  4. Awareness of pregnancy-related complications.
  5. Reducing wastage of extra medicines bought due to the strip method.

Primary target audiences are public health policymakers, non-governmental and other organizations. Secondary target audiences are pregnant women in rural areas, their husbands & families. Personality keywords: hope, care, empowerment.

What’s Unique?
The box has a vibrant orange color that denotes the color of loving life and vitality. It sparks enthusiastic responses and energetic feelings within. It invokes a feeling of warm, sunny day. It is bright and cheerful. Its easy to detect when to take which medicine and conveys the message without words, a simple illustration style helps understand to illiterate women easily which are maximum in rural areas. Simple yet informative design helps rural women understand the concept and be healthy for better pregnancy experience.