Blüm – Floral skincare

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Design: Prachi Sheth
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT- Institute of Design
Tutor: Prof. Rajendra Thakre
Packaging Contents: Moisturiser
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, glass, bio-plastics.
Printing Process: Digital printing, Foil stamping.

A flower based skincare brand. Uses colloidal SILVER to get Glass like skin.

With rapid changes in our environment and the depleting resources in our hands. This organic skincare brand is pure and made out of flowers, Silver, seeds, stems, and everything organic. This brand uses a flower to its fullest. From the flower petal to the stem, everything is utilized by the to create an ecological yet sustainable brand which gives out the best looking skin.

What’s Unique?
The unique selling points in this brand and skincare line are:-

  1. Colloidal SILVER in products
  2. The whole of the flower is used in making this product. The petals, leaves are used for the cream and the stem is used for the paper for packaging.
  3. The brand works with local forest communities, and small-scale farmers and artisans to source the natural ingredients that lend their purity to the brand.
  4. blüm is free of artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, or petrochemicals.
  5. The packaging is designed to give the customers experience, as skincare is considered to be a luxury, This brand provides a luxurious experience from opening the product till using it.
  6. It contains colloidal silver in a container attached at the bottom of the cream and a spatula on top, every time this luxurious moisturizer is to be used, the silver powder has to be added.