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Art Direction: Liam Campbell
Location: United States
Project Type: Student Project
School: Savannah College of Art and Design
Tutor: Gauri Misra-Deshpande
Packaging Contents: Nitro cold brew coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum, cardboard
Printing Process: Digital

Cabin fever is a metaphorical nitro cold brew coffee company that was inspired by individuals experiencing distress, claustrophobia, or anxiety resulting from the forced isolation during Covid-19. Bringing the packaging collection together will create an idyllic cabin-inspired landscape that can be displayed by the owner as a reminder that the coming together during difficult times can provide welcome relief from current events.

What’s Unique?
When the packaging is viewed individually, each can appears to have almost identical compositions; when considered in unison, it is clear that subtle adjustments to the elements on each can come together to complete an idyllic cabin-inspired landscape.