Cheester’s Yummy Cheese & Butter Sticks

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Design: Roshni Rana
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Packaging Contents: Cheese, Butter
Packaging Substrate / Materials:  Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography

Packaging of cheese and butter, in general, has always been in the form of slices or cubes. These forms of packaging have several repercussions of their own. In a fast-paced life, everyone is struggling to get to work/ school, etc. Humans are always in need of something that helps them speed up their process in little things without any repercussions.

Cheester’s provides a product so conventional and easy to use, a cheese/butter stick so that it is easier for them to apply it or grate it onto their food, instead of the current packaging that is very messy and time-consuming. It ensures hygienic shelf life, compared to the plastic and paper counterparts. It has a contemporary look and feels that makes it relevant for a new generation of users for cheese and butter. It has a unique experience for first-time users, a surprise, a change, something that all of us want. You can use butter and cheese whenever you want and however you want without needing any other kitchenware and this standalone feature makes the product very handy around the house.

What’s Unique?
Enhancing the experience of consuming butter and cheese, bettering it in a more distinctive and innovative way such that the experience is unique but of a frequently done nature. If you hate those buttery fingers and cheese string all over your kitchen after every morning breakfast, Cheester’s is at your rescue. With an enclosed design the product remains contained and doesn’t create any mess. The swappable cap allows you to shred, grate, spread your cheese and butter whenever you want without using anything else.