Monte oscuro – Ancestral viche



Agency: Venttura Studio
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Illustrator: William Ibañez Ararat
Location: Colombia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Monte Ocuro
Product Launch Location: Americas
Packaging Contents: Viche, Liquor, Beverages, Aguardiente
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Canvas paper
Printing Process: Lithographic print

Inspired by the mystical and ancestral Afro culture on the shores of the Colombian Pacific, we distilled this mysterious and enigmatic visual identity for the branding and packaging of Monte Oscuro brand, a new brand full of ancestral experience, specialized in the elaboration and production of “Viche” 100% handmade and led by the traditional knowledge of the master “vichera” Dominga Balanta. With a very intense flavor and with a burning carcater and slightly sweet in its details, the brand is presented to the public with its three lines of Viche of origin such as “Viche” 100% pure, “Viche Curao” (Cured) and its creamy and burning cream of “Viche”. We invite you to immerse yourself in the dreamlike experience of the jungles of Colombia’s South Pacific and the tradition of its Afro communities and let yourself be drawn into the mysterious and mystical “Monte Oscuro” (Dark forest).

What’s Unique?
The “Viche” is a 100% ancestral and handcrafted alcoholic beverage, created and mastered to perfection by the masters of the different Afro-Colombian communities that inhabit the banks and the interior of the South Pacific of Colombia, making “Viche” an enigmatic and unique product full of ancestrality and passion in every step of its elaboration.