Derrick Lin


Design: Anish Joshi
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT – Institute of Design
Packaging Contents: Dry Fruits
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic container
Printing Process: Offset printing

Barkat is a fictional brand of dry fruits that aims to provide a rich and nutritious satisfaction of hunger on-the-go. Barkat isn’t just a snack, it is an experience of the tradition and heritage our forefathers built while growing these dry fruits. The form of the container is based on a regular cylinder that makes it easier to divide the volume into 4 parts. The idea behind creating this packaging, that offers an assortment of dry fruits is to make it convenient for the user and to choose their consumable accordingly.

What makes this a premium brand are the graphics that have a very traditional and cultural aesthetic. Barkat grabs the viewer’s attention by its prominent and strong visual elements. This not only enhances the whole experience but also reminds the user how beneficial dry fruits are for our health. The users are also provided with a fun-fact of each dry fruit that is given on its respective sides.

Each dry fruit is hand-crafted and is meticulously selected, ensuring of the highest quality to provide you with all the vitamins and minerals. Optimal use of time and effort is put into the making of this treasured product. This level of refinement and the commitment to choose, only the best pieces from the thousands, have made BARKAT, a captivating occurrence.

What’s Unique?
Barkat offers assorted dry fruits to the customers. The cylindrical plastic container is divided into 4 parts and has a selector lid to choose the dry fruit which the customer wants to eat. This ensures the user is consuming only that dry fruit which he/she wants, rather than having a box of mixed dry fruits that are continuously exposed to the atmosphere as we eat them. Additionally, it has a plastic lid from the top to protect the dry fruits from catching air, when not in use.

Its size makes it ideal to carry it anywhere and can be consumed at any time. This uncomplicated form makes Barkat an ultra-portable as well as an instantly consumable product.