Mezheninovskoe milk



Design: Getbrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Dairy products

A task
To develop a new brand and packaging design for pasteurized milk and dairy products.

As it was, the design looked quite unusual due to the big musical note – a reference to playing classical music to cows to increase milk yield. But this message was not read by the customers, and there was no explanation of this symbolic concept on the packaging itself.

When choosing basic dairy products, the consumer is primarily concerned with naturalness and freshness. We decided not to develop the previous idea and concentrate on completely changing the brand image.

The new concept reveals and covers the customer’s needs for quality and naturalness through the use of various natural textures, pure natural colors and understandable benefits. In all its glory, the brand reveals itself in a wide range, when, in addition to color, we offer various natural textures – braid, canvas, knitted surface, bark, etc. as background. The beautiful cow on the logo adds charm to the packaging and serves as a reference to the own farms of the company.