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In an industry inundated with dubious claims and confusing buying experiences, AFC is a whole plant full-spectrum hemp product brand that believes in transparency, consumer education, and highest quality.

AFC’s products are rigorously tested multiple times at all stages of their journey from seed to bottle. The company’s hemp extracts are packaged in translucent glass spray bottles, so consumers can see what they are putting into their body. The product is cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant and is organically grown, non- GMO, vegan, Kosher, pesticide-free. AFC has nothing to hide and invites consumers to scan the bottle’s QR code, accessing the product’s COA (Certificate of Analysis). AFC encourages you to trust, but verify by learning everything about these high-quality extracts, no sleight of hand, no bait and switch hoodoo. AFC’s packaging even telegraphs this vision by showcasing its oil in a thick glass bottle that’s placed inside the outer rectangular packaging, creating a suit of armor to protect the oil’s cannabinoids from harmful light.

From a product and brand design perspective, AFC positions itself at the crux of the growing overlap between the cannabis and wellness industries. The fastest-growing of all segments in our market is the “Cannabis Mom” who looks for enhanced ways to supplement smart eating and exercise to slow the effects of aging and smooth the rough edges of middle-aged life. This is a huge and growing audience that mainstreamed organic, superfoods, clean eating and ethical products; and they’re doing it again for cannabis and hemp products. This demographic rarely shops on the right side of the menu. They are attracted to brands that match their way of life and coincide with other high-end health and beauty products in their medicine cabinet, inside and out. This is why AFC’s packaging and lush brand imagery cuts a sophisticated vibe with wooden bottle tops adorned with the embossed AFC seal, and gorgeous, matte packaging, evoking the luxury side of hemp.

The product’s delivery method is also functionally special. Instead of the centuries-old liquid dropper you typically see with tinctures, AFC opted to use a smarter oral delivery system: the one-hand spray pump. Designed by the AFC team, this method allows for more precise dosing and easier dose calculation, control that’s lacking with typical droppers. You simply spray directly into the mouth, onto food, or topically on achy body parts. It’s a fool-proof system that not only measures how much CBD you’re ingesting with every pump, it also prevents the oil from becoming contaminated (which can happen when a dropper is pulled out and then resubmerged in the oil). With this technology, users can also easily share the benefits of AFC’s hemp extract with friends, family and canna-curious acquaintances without worrying about also accidentally sharing germs.

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