Celler del Foix Xarel.lo Blanc

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Derrick Lin


Design: Made by ys
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Celler del Foix
Product Launch Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: White wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing, block foil and debossing

Celler del Foix is a cellar found in Alt Penedès, Catalonia, near the river Foix. They own organic Xarel.lo small vineyards, a variety indigenous from that area.

Since changing their agricultural methods to organic ones, the cellar has noticed a lot of insects coming back to their lands, including ladybugs, butterflies and dragon files. They also started noticing quail nests in the vine branches. The size of their vineyards is important to keep this biodiversity alive. Often they invite lamb herds to eat the grass in between the vines. They prune the vineyards at the same time that make the soil more fertile. Poopies and other wild flowers are also widely find in their lands.

They wanted to explain the story of the biodiversity and the importance of each element to keep the balance working. So we focused on interlocked shapes representing vine leaves, insects and a bird, all living in harmony. The colours of each shape create an overlay effect to represent the fusion between all the elements of that biodiversity. Blind debossing was used to give depth to the silhouettes digital printed on Cotone Bianco paper. A stamp with a lady bug in the middle was created to make sure the consumer can see at a first glance that the product is organic. The slab typography is a good compromise between traditional and contemporary, at the same time that it feels down to earth and in line with an organic product.

At ‘Made by us’ we always like to think about what we call the ‘two stages of wine bottle perception’. The first one is what you see from far away, as you visually scan different wine products on a shelf. In this instance the bold silhouettes and colours would grab your attention. The second stage is when you have the bottle in your hand. The choice of paper and finishes like debossing would give a tactile perception that can transport you to the vineyard.

The client also wanted a contemporary look and feel, that talks to a younger audience and stands out on the shelf. This label design definitely achieves it.