Lawerte Coffee

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Derrick Lin


Design: Mos Atyan
Location: Armenia
Project Type: Produced
Client: lawerte
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Premium Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Tube
Printing Process: Flexography

When I got the order for this design, I was very excited, I was looking for a source of inspiration. After a long search, I realized that I had to move in the abstract direction. And the sediment on the bottom of the coffee cup is more than abstract. After always drinking, I searched for images on the bottom of the coffee cup, I always found different images.

After working for a long time, I realized that he’s in the mood to pack this coffee. Here is the result. I must not forget to say that I was open to my choice. The customer has never mentioned any direction. I did what I felt, I did what the association has always had with coffee. Of course, I could have taken a different approach to the design of this package, but this is the style, this style likes young people middle-aged people.

This style can be classified as “premium” or “middle class”. When you talk to consumers, you study the market, you realize that they are very different. Therefore, all this should be taken into account when creating any design. I think I have created something that can compete with its competitors. It looks very good in supermarket windows. It’s stylish, it’s beautiful, the client is from Italy, his own opinion was very important to me. He liked everything very much. that this series will continue, we will work on this project next year I will look forward to a new interesting offer I will add to this beautiful packaging series. Interesting coffee bouquets. It is the best example of a classic coffee. It is considered a delicate but at the same time complex drink. This soft dense flavor set is an ideal choice for lovers of conservative tastes lovers of different flavors. It has a pleasant sweetness, complete with notes of grapes, plums and currants. The main concern of coffee producers in industrial quantities is to maintain the taste and price of the product.

The conditions change from year to year. Somewhere more coffee is produced, somewhere war or an epidemic can start. That is why large producers make mass purchases of assortments with approximate and primitive taste features, and these features are provided by regional suppliers. There are many participants in this chain, no one cares about the delicate taste, the only requirement is the approximate taste, appearance and quantity. This coffee is roasted in mechanized production lines, again ensuring average but stable quality. Roasted coffee loses its delicate taste in 12 days. If you drink packaged coffee mixed with Robusta and you are excited about its taste, it means that you have never drunk delicious coffee. Know that good coffee has a more delicate and rich flavor than good wine.