Agency: Yasno.branding agency
Art direction: Dmitry Izotov
Design and illustrations: Natalia Romashkova and Alexandra Moiseeva
Technical design: Rodion Demochkin
Management: Varvara Martsishevskaya
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: ASSAND
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Tea

Yasno. branding agency has redesigned the packaging for the ASSAND tea range and developed naming for all tea flavors.

ASSAND is distributed exclusively by X5 Retail Group. As of this year, the ASSAND brand has increased the range of tea to nine flavors. The updated range includes: black Kenyan and Ceylon teas; black teas with thyme, mint, bergamot, and rosehip; green teas with melissa, milk Oolong and herbal with chamomile.

The flavor palette of the range is rather traditional for the Russian market. In this case, it was necessary that the brand would not surprise, but become closer to the consumer and would evoke emotional response. The tea segment is one of the most competitive. In order to remain exciting to existing consumers and attract new ones, the brand needs to constantly change its appearance. High competition in the tea category requires the brand to be different from competitors, naming included.

The Agency advocates for an up-to-date, laconic design that emphasizes the uniqueness of the brand, makes it closer to the consumer and helps generate more trust.

Now, distracting elements and background images on the packaging has been removed. Each detail has its own value, creating together a complete and modern image.

Naming was particularly interesting to work with. When developing it, the Agency relied on the current trend of reflecting the uniqueness of flavor in the product’s name. The names of the tea and ingredients are written in large letters, all supported by an illustration, which is very helpful for the consumer. The illustrations are interesting because they simultaneously demonstrate the ingredient, while implying important emotional connotation. Pictures are eye catching and promise a fragrant trip to the tea country.

The designers have meticulously thought out the color coding – everything is intuitively clear for the consumer. Black tea packages have graphite-black background, green tea packages have dark green background, and herbal tea packages, light green.

The continuity with the original logo is preserved, so that the consumer will certainly recognize the new product on the shelf. At the same time, the brand looks and sounds anew in its new appearances. The standard cup was turned into a unique symbol combining a tea leaf and a tea things that evokes emotional response. The special brand name is completely gilded, which is perceived as the seal of quality.

A new form of cut-out window was also used on the packaging and the tea sachet was also redesigned.

UV varnish and foil stamping was used in the new design, which allows a unique interplay of textures. The main part of the package is printed with matte paint, the logo is highlighted with glossy varnish, and the printing is made with gold foil.

Images, fonts, and a combination of textures create a complete image. The packaging turned out to be noticeable, not boring, one wishes to admire it for a long time and hold it. This makes the product look more premium and high-status. The updated branding not only emphasizes the high quality of the product, but also supports the overall brand image.

This was a particularly appreciated project for the Agency, in which its understanding and vision of modern design coincided with the client’s opinion.