Hoseo University Student Projects 2021

Derrick Lin


School: Hoseo University
Tutor: Professor Jang Wook Seon
Course name: Brand Package Design
Year: 2021

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Student’s Name: BOA GWAK
Project name : HERB ME

This is a herbal tea package based on the leaf motif of peppermint. The logo is ‘Herb Me’ and uses the pun of ‘Hug Me’ to give a soft feeling. It is a package designed to feel the characteristics of peppermint, rosemary, chamomile, and jasmine.

Student’s Name:: MI MI KWON
Project name : Fruit purut

What I showed is a bread mix package product that is contained with fresh and sweet figs, plum, citron, and plain grain powder. This bread mix is a home-style convenience food that is different from other existing ones. With its excellent flavor and health benefits, it is popular without distinction of sex or age. In addition, to give a healthy and fresh impression, I matched the logo “Fruit purut” together. This package shows the original form of the fruits, which is plum, fig, citron, and quince. The fruits and the type of bread that the costumer can make are implied in the image. As a result they can feel the delicious taste and sweetness of the fruits with just this package.

Student’s Name: SU HYEON KWON
Project Name : Dalchip

Project Description ‘Dalchip’ is a fruit chip brand made of organic fruit. It is For busy modern people who necessary eat simply and take care of health. I designed it with the meaning of connecting different fruits and fruit chips into one so that people can consume many nutrients with one product.

Student’s Name: DA HYI KIM Project Name : Piogrance – natural herb diffuser

I designed this package with the concept of a natural hub diffuser. I designed a hub diffuser package that can be used safely through the natural image of herbs that can be easily seen around. The types are composed of four scents: basil, rosemary, peppermint, lavender, etc. It added leafy herb paintings to graphic elements, and designed images so that consumers could intuitively know the subtle scent of herbs.

Student’s Name: SEUNG A KIM
Project name : Fresh Up

Fresh Up is a rice cake product made of salad so that you can have a healthy and fresh meal. I chose the name Fresh Up as a meaning of “add freshness” with the emphasis on “freshness of salad.” I designed the package form with the idea of salad or rice cake. To show the freshness of the salad, I added images of leaves, salads, and dews related to each kind of rice cake. Also, I used vivid colors to blend in well with salad.

Student’s Name: IN HWAN KIM
Project name : Clean Salt

I design clean salt on six continents in the world. It was created by branding a fictitious brand called Solti, using salt from various production centers on each continent. Branded One continent is divided into four packages to form one set. Each of the four packages It contains salinity, so consumers can easily choose. Four continental pieces gathered together to appear as one continent This product is a continental clean salt package designed based on salt from each continent. Salt was designed using leaves from each continent, and a design that looked like salt was sprinkled on the leaf flies was added.

Student’s Name: EUN HYE NAM
Project name : Shafore

This package is a natural body scrub. I added images and graphics that show the characteristics of products made of lemon, grapefruit, lime, and orange. There are types of this product for face, hand, body, and feet. Using this natural body scrub, I tried to express the refreshing and clean feeling graphically.

Student’s Name: YEON KYEONG ROW
Project name : Millow

As the number of people who grind coffee themselves has increased these days, I thought of various concept packages for these people. There are coffee cultivation countries that are grown in various countries, and we chose this as one of each continent. So coffee was divided into continents, and we made it with the goal of buying coffee beans that suit your taste. And the meaning of the package title ‘Millow’ is a combination of ‘Mild’ and ‘Mellow’ which means soft coffee.

Student’s Name: KWAN HEE PARK
Project name: Flat

Edible flower is usually in tea or condiment to eat delectable the same role in many kinds of foods. Good taste and aroma of flavor and aroma of tea and food ingredients is to improve utilization. Immune systems due to 19 covid and health is increasing interest in the edible flower of the great effects of ‘ market value of the attention and edible flowers.Increasing.? I have these market conditions to Flower had planned the salt using edible flowers. Salt is naturally harmonized with edible flowers and a creative design planning that can be seen and the sumptuousness of the colorful flowers, incense to include in the package. Also, edible flowers are discriminatory to convey an image of the premium ingredients to emphasize that the logo.

Student’s Name: MIN PARK
Project name : Bon Steak

‘Bon Steak’ is a total of 4 kinds of steak packages including beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. I wanted to make a package where I can enjoy various meat steaks, and I designed it to be as simple and look good as possible for the image of ‘clean and proper’. ‘BON’ means ‘本’ in Chinese characters and used it as a brand name that can be trusted and reassured. The form and graphics of the package did their best to remind them of the animal as much as possible, and they were adjusted so that they did not look excessive beyond the food package. It’s ‘Bon Steak’, a steak that you can eat comfortably from the package.

Student’s Name: SEO EUN PARK
Project: Veggie

Veggie is a vegetable patty brand. This package makes hamburgers for those who want a vegetable instead of a meat patty. It is designed to remind you of vegetable patties when you look at the product. The vegetables that will replace an existing meat patty are made up of four types: lettuce, sweet potato, potato, and mushroom. You can see colors of the package and images of the vegetable patty use vegetables.

Student’s Name: YU JIN PARK
Project name : Purivita – healthy vitamin cereal

Purevita is a healthy vitamin cereal which contains four types of highly nutritious fruit and vegetables: carrots, tomatoes, lemons and broccoli. Carrots are a good source of vitamin A, tomatoes are rich in vitamin B, lemons are full of vitamin C, and broccoli is a good source of vitamin D. I made it easy and convenient for people these days who might be busy to eat and take vitamins together. Like granola, it contains whole grains, cranberries, fiber and almonds. Nowadays in a busy society, I design this item to provide a healthy breakfast that people can eat lightly and comfortably. I actively used the symbolic colors of fruit and vegetables, like yellow or orange, to help consumers see what the four types of vitamins are at a quick glance. Therefore allowing consumers to tell what kinds of ingredients are in this cereal. The product package size is set to be smaller and lighter than what is commercially available in usual. And the product capacity is 300g, so even single-person households who live alone can purchase frequently without pressure. The first design is shaped like a drop of milk eaten with cereal, when four packages are connected together, it is shaped like a water drop. And the second design, I took inspiration from the English alphabet when designing the packaging to look like A,B,C and D. In addition, I tried my best to give the packaging of the third design a lively and vibrant impression by using a graphic effect which looks like fruit and vegetables being peeled.

Student’s Name: SU MIN BANG
Project: Seleest

Seleest is a bath made of fruit peel. I made it with fruit, a natural ingredient, without much irritation to my skin. Logo type shows that you can use bath agents that you need depending on the nature of the material. It shows fresh images of the ingredients and uses the characteristic colors of each material to represent the appearance of a fruit bath. It shows images of water splashing along with images of materials and also shows graphic elements of logo type. Through this, it is fun and impressive to see how to use bath bombs.

Student’s Name: YOUNG SU SIM
Project : La Noodle

La Noodle is a seafood ramen for busy office workers. It is a quick and convenient meal, prefect for the fast modern society. There are four choices of seafood ramen to choose from which are squid, octopus, small octopus, and webfoot octopus. La Noodle’s rich flavor comes from the nutrients in seafoods and the savory soup. The intuitive package design shows a delicious ramen with fresh seafoods to the customers.

Ramen is a convenience food that is sometimes seen as unhealthy. We aimed at improving the image by making a healthy ramen. When multiple packages are placed together to create a set of seafood ramen, they are fun and attractive to see.

Student’s Name: YOUNG JU WON
Project name : Seaweed

‘Seaweed’ is a seaweed pasta developed with an increase in the number of people choosing vegetarian diet for their health or environment. Seaweed is globally popular as a sustainable future food ingredient for environmental protection, and is loved by many people for its low fat and high protein. In particular, Koreans enjoy seaweed as a staple food, and it is necessary to develop seaweed food brands using Korea’s special seaweed food technology. ‘Seaweed’ is made by combining various kinds of seaweed with pasta that people all over the world like. This food consists of small quantities for people who live alone, and is designed using the shape of seaweed, ocean flow, and pasta curves to convey the beauty and freshness of seaweed.

Student’s Name: WON YE BIN
Project name : Fishtorang

I design a fish steak that is easy to eat. It was created by a fictional brand called Fishtorag. It is divided into 4 fish. Its shape was designed with a fish shape as a motif. It was designed using the flesh, belly and scales of each fish. I tried to give a reliable image by using calm colors. Fishtorang is a name that combines the Korean pronunciation of a restaurant with fish. My thoughts on fish steak convenience food started with people who want to eat healthy and delicious food at home without going outside due to Corona 19. Among them, singles are the main target.

Student’s Name: DA YEONG LEE
Project name : Beli Reli

“Beli Reli” is a new bath bomb brand based on the natural essential oil. Our goal was to design packages that represent the benefits of bath bombs than colorful appearances that stimulate consumption. The main logo “Beli Reli” is inspired by “believe” and “relieve”, which embodies our philosophy of creating products that consumers can trust and relieves stress. If you read “Beli Reli” aloud, it reflects its brightness and cheerfulness, which is our effort to trying to get friendly to consumers. Along with the logo, pastel tone color, and illustration complete feature and purpose of products.

Student’s Name: YE RIM LEE
Project Name : Fruit-fruit

‘Fruit-fruit’ is an Asian fruit chip brand. It is a well-being snack made to promote healthy eating habits of consumers. The above package is based on the concept of the freshness of fruits and the health of nature.

It uses Asian fruits (persimmon, korean melon, hallabong, asian pear) rather than fruits that are common in the market to show the differentiation of products. However, for consumers who may be unfamiliar with the product, the company boldly used the photo to enhance accessibility. The color used a uniform color with the fruit, but the complementary color was used as a point so that the package did not look boring.

We designed the development plan considering convenience of consumers as the top priority. However, leaf graphics were used on the handle to highlight the concept (fruit freshness and nature’s health). The above design not only increases convenience but also gives unique features.

Student’s Name: HA YOUNG LIM
Project name : By Nature

By Nature has the meaning of ‘buying nature’ and ‘buying nature’. This package is an eco-friendly foam cleansing product made as people’s interest in skin health and home care has increased due to the recent wear of masks due to fine dust and corona. It uses natural ingredients such as wheat, green tea, apple mint, and rosemary, and each symbol color is clearly used to give a natural and luxurious feeling. The shape of the package is based on soap bubbles, leaves, and droplets, and you can feel the softness through the curves used in the package. The illustration using lines and plane creates a more natural atmosphere. If you place two packages symmetrically side by side, the package’s appearance becomes more visible.

Student’s Name: HYO SEONG CHA
Project name : Vites

Vites is a vitamin cookie brand of which is a combination of the word vitamin and bites. A bitten cookie’s shape inspired the logo, and the color yellow was chosen to deliver the vitamin image. Thoughts of making the Vites brand started due to health concerns increasing because of Covid-19. We thought of an easily approachable snack that can deliver healthy nutrition to people. As a result, the brand set the goal of offering the highest amount of natural vitamin nutrition in each category through deliciously baked cookies.

The shape of alphabets inspired the package of Vites. Each package handle represents the type of vitamin included in the package thus helping the customer to identify, and purchase the vitamin cookie by the substance they need. The container itself was designed simple, and basic for intuitive communication with the customers. High saturated and colorful colors were used to give a friendly, and fun image to the package. Also, each color was chosen to match its substances to differentiate each container by the importance it includes.

Student’s Name: GYEOL HYUN
Project name : Ginsseng

Ginsseng is a red ginseng jelly brand made by combining fruits and red ginseng. It inspired me by making the original shape of red ginseng as a logo. When creating the Ginsseng brand, we made it easy to reach for those who have a hard time taking care of their health. This is because Koreans live a busy life and become more insensitive to health. As a result, the brand set a goal of providing health to the body as a snack and food through 4 types of red ginseng jellies.