Designer: Evgeniia Sakharova
3D Visualization: Slava Sheiko
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: SKVOT
Packaging Contents: Shower series
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium

Reboot rituals in the shower series

Collection of special rituals, consisting of shower oil, foam and shampoo, provides the precious opportunity to focus on personal sensations, devote time to yourself, to recharge yourself, turning off all the world’s noise.

Due to the special printing technology, while taking a shower the steam makes positive and inspiring messages reveal on the packages. That is what transforms self-care into a unique experience, that makes feel harmony and emotional balance.

Standard labels on beauty products are often annoying and not comfortable while using, so many people want to get rid of them. So we come up with the breaking-through idea of «invisible» design, which brings harmony and simplicity. It looks quite strong and makes the package a unique piece of art, enriching the style of the interior.

We would also point out that the package is refilling and made from 100% recycled aluminum, that helps to keep harmony not only for one’s life but also for the nature.

What’s Unique?
We wanted to create a design without design, which would be harmonious, simple and strong at the same time using new types of printing. What would he do art performances in the shower