MTR Splasher – Comfort in a Can

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Derrick Lin


Design: Rashmi Dinesh
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: ISDI Parsons
Tutor: Isha Patel
Packaging Contents: Indian beverages
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium

MTR Foods is an Indian heritage brand that sells a wide range of authentic, packaged Indian foods. The brand is quintessentially Indian, bringing recipes handed down from generation to generation to today’s dining tables. By putting the convenience of consumers above everything else, they continue to remain relevant in modern India.

Even a hundred of years ago, summers in South India were scorching, draining people’s energy. So naturally, a lot of deliciously cooling drinks, made of naturally cooling ingredients were created to keep the heat at bay. These drinks are primarily consumed in small stalls on the road – with dubious hygiene standards, and due to a busier pace of life, they have slowly lost their popularity. The mere mention of the drinks, however, brings smiles to people’s faces, as they bring back charming memories. MTR Splasher caters to this, putting the lip smacking refreshments in cans that are easy to carry around and widely available to purchase.

Drinks unique to different states in South India have been selected – like Jigarthanda from Tamil Nadu, Menthi Majjiga from Andhra Pradesh and Ragi Ambali from Karnataka. The primary theme of the brand is nostalgia, with warm, faded colours, speckled illustrations and organic fonts. The illustrations are inspired by old Indian film posters. The cans are very comforting, they take people back to simple childhood summers – clear blue skies, hours spent frolicking in the sun, and a sense of reckless abandon and excitement. Even people who haven’t tried the drinks before can learn a lot about them by looking at the ingredients illustrated on the cans.

MTR Splasher was created as a classroom project.

What’s Unique?
The drinks that millenials in South India grew up drinking have not kept up with the times, the category of South Indian packaged drinks has a big gap. MTR Splasher intends to fit there, providing cooling, healthy drinks for blistering summers. With people’s lives becoming increasingly complicated, everyone is craving simplicity. Remembering the carefree attitude of childhood, and the charming little pleasures is like a balm that soothes your mind, if only for a few minutes. Facilitating this feeling – of letting out a breath that you didn’t even realise you were holding – is MTR Splasher’s speciality. It truly is comfort in a can.