PeeSafe Tampons

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Derrick Lin


Design: Kashish Patel
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Maharashtra Institute of Technology – Pune. India
Packaging Contents: Tampons
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Biodegradable paper
Printing Process: Flexoprinting

Tampons and even other menstrual products for women have proved to be a humungous threat to the environment. Tampons, although small, haven’t had an innovative travel friendly package and disposal has during travel has always been a challenge faced by women. Sometimes struggles to finding newspaper or wasting significantly a large number of tissue paper. Waste is produced in a large amount. And more over plastic waste in which the tampon is covered. The applicators which are made for one time use are also made of tampons for each tampon used.

Introducing PeeSafe’s (conceptual) 100% Biodegradable packaging with a reusable applicator( just as best as a menstrual cup ). Did you know that the average plastic-applicator tampon user goes through 7,300 plastic applicators in their lifetime? That’s a lot of plastic trash! And it ends up in our landfills and waterways – this is not okay with us. Thus, from start to finish , the product is 100% environmental friendly and biodegradable.

What’s Unique?

  • We won’t use plastic. Our “Add-it-on” applicators are reusable, smooth, medical silicone, the tampon cover is biodegradable, comfortable, and compostable paper, the packaging are paper, and is burlap and recycled paper. The tampons are wrapped in a compostable starch film, and a biodegradable polymer adhesive makes them stay in place.
  • The tampon cover is also used for disposal of tampon after use by simply expanding the folds. The applicator is redesigned in such a way that while use it would not come in direct contact with the vagina and thus cleaning it constantly and disinfecting the same would not be hassle or concern as faced in menstrual cups.
  • The Tampon applicator will be reusable. The tampon simply should be placed on the applicator. The tampon will come in a compressed packaging , which will be removed and later be expanded for disposal of tampon after use.
  • For Rebranding, Grapefruit has been illustrated to represent the vagina. Its red color is significant to show the period blood.
  • Shades of red are chosen as brands selling menstruation products do not brand their product showing the color of women’s blood. This issue has been raised by women with the fact that, women are bleed red and not blue or any other color that is used in commercials and advertising. Thus, women buying these products can closely relate to the product while purchasing the same. This also makes the brand stand out in the market as red color, factually, is know for grabbing attention like the red stop signs.
  • The cover of the singular box packaging is in red and tints of red. As the user opens the package from one end, they will read a myth and myth buster information about tampons to be rest assured and not go looking at the internet for the same. Thus, assuring and bring awareness in our users. The package also contains information about the tampon with icon illustrations.
  • The three drops indicate the flow of menstruation as per the user and the size of the tampon as per the flow and absorbency.
  • The ring will be wrapped around the packaging boxes. All the essential information (that initially took efforts to make a separate user manual) would now be on the packaging itself. Thus, purposeful and saving paper.
  • The instructions are all in form of diagrams and pointers for users to easily comprehend and understand. Thus, while unpacking itself, the first step the user (especially first timers) go through the instructions step by step for usage. And then proceed towards the product. The backside of the packaging ring contains the FAQs asked by users for extra information.


  • After usage of tampon, use the tampon cover for disposal
  • Open the cover wider by spreading the folds and expanding
  • Insert used tampon inside
  • Seal from top and dispose