Woodland T-Shirt

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Derrick Lin


Design: Harshit Sahu
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Tutor: Prof.Samrudha Dixit
Packaging Contents: T-Shirts
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Banana fibres paper for the outer body and thick cardboard for the inner one
Printing Process: 3D Digital Printing/ Screen Prinitng

The following packaging is designed for the T-Shirts especially for the brand “WOODLAND”. The idea was to use complete reusable material for the whole packaging as the brand essence is also connected to nature concern. The overall look of the brank that is “rugged and adventurous” was tried to adapt here. The wavy illustration on the box depicts the folds of the t-shirts as well as the waves gives us a adventurous feel. The practicality was the main point kept in mind. That’s the reason the opening and closing of the box is kept very simple for easy interaction with the user. A see through is also made on the top through the logo of the brand. The ideation behind this was “To clearly see through brand”.

The reusability is the main highlight here. The use of banana fiber paper in India is least in spite of being largest producer of banana plant. Farmers here, burn it after the use without extracting any fibers from them. Whereas, other country buy these fiber from India and and use that in very effective manner. A country also use these fiber paper for their currency note as it can used for 100 years(as said). Using these type of natural papers can make a impact on the current marketing in this pandemic situation.

Keeping a highlight on this I have used banana fiber for the above covering and a thick reusable cardboard for the bottom one. The whole packaging is reusable and for the after use.