Deemah Coffee Biscuits

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Art Director: Ramy Mohamed
3d Artist: Hamdy El Zayat
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Produced
Client: Deemah
Product Launch Location: Saudi Arabia
Packaging Contents: Coffee Biscuits
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Polypropylene Packaging

Deemah is the 2020 Saudi pride leading brand, it offers truly healthy, delicious, natural foods and drinks with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Deemah gives a fresh, good-tasting feeling from a cool brand. The new design aims to solve the dilemma of having the pleasure of eating but taking care of health through moments of enjoyment. We create an attractive, striking, simple and fluid design giving the sensation of movement, movement is health and health is life. Deemah is natural and eye-catching, it is life, giving added value and visually perceiving itself as a product that breaks linearly, raising the added value of the brand.