Derrick Lin


Design: Palasa Bomble
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Tutor: Rajendra Thakre
Packaging Contents: Oat milk
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper carton, tetra pack, paper board, polyethylene, aluminum

‘Holy Oats’ is a new flavoured oat milk product made for the Indian market. The brand focuses on introducing oat milk to the ever growing market for vegan products in India, since the current scenario leaves us with little to no choice. For those who want an alternative to whole milk, Holy Oats brings a plant-based, vegan, lactose and cruelty free oat milk to the pantry. The name ‘Holy Oats’ comes from a play with the phrase ‘Holy Cow’ (since cows give us whole milk and this is an oats based alternative), it also brings a sense of excitement to the product in context to how the phrase is generally used.

When it comes to the graphics, the idea was to bring a cultural context to the design. The illustration uses inspiration from Madhubani Art (a traditional Indian folk art) to give it a unique cultural angle. The colour and illustration choices are made keeping in mind the youthful audience. The carton also explains what oat milk is, its benefits and ways it can be consumed, hence encouraging and educating the new audience to try and trust the product.

The use of milk cartons is due to its environmental impact. Tetra Packs are almost entirely recyclable, therefore for a product that is likely to be a daily staple, it’s the best option.

What’s Unique?
Holy Oats is one of a kind flavoured oat milk range designed specifically for the Indian market. It makes plant based milk alternatives more accessible and approachable. The current design has five flavours – original, rose, chocolate, pistachio and mango, which were selected with reference to popular flavours in Indian culture and cuisines.